Technology Stack

Technology Stack


In the inherently complex domain of technology and information systems, find out what works and keep repeating it.

When we build a business class technology infrastructure, we use the same set of products and services every time. This collection of products and services is called our technology stack.

The technology stack is made up of several categories of items:

workstation computers
IP phones
paging adapters
wireless access points
Internet circuits
email systems
antivirus antimalware software
productivity software
cloud backup software
disk encryption software

The items we use are in the class of those intended for enterprise environments. Many of these items cannot be purchased locally at any of the common big box stores.


The use of enterprise class equipment brings enterprise class reliability to small and medium sized businesses.

Some of the specific items in our technology stack are:

The use of a well-defined and thin technology stack is beneficial to you, the client. Why?


Because the path to success is via standardization, not customization.

Consider the fact that for every product we use, there must be training, documentation, and depth of experience in order to achieve a reliable and predictable outcome. That is only possible with a small list of carefully chosen high quality items that have been mastered.

We will build IT systems for your business that will work properly, and we will stand behind them for the long term.