Fiber Internet Overview

Fiber Internet Overview


A fiber optic Internet circuit is the superior choice of Internet connection for business

Internet and data can be delivered to a business by several different kinds of telecom circuits. They are


* Fiber Optic

* DOCSIS Cable Modem


* T1/DS1 - becoming obsolete and omitted from table below

A fiber optic circuit will outperform cable modems and DSL circuits in every metric – speed, consistency, latency, reliability, and elegance of configuration and setup.

High Security

MetricFiber OpticDOCSIS Cable ModemDSL
BandwidthEffectively unlimited upstream and downstreamFast downstream, limited upstreamDistance limited downstream, no fast downstream, poor upstream
Shared vs DedicatedDedicated – not shared with others in the geographyShared – performance varies based on behavior of other customersDedicated – not shared with others in the geography
LatencyLow Latency – sub 10msHigher Latency – 30ms – 100msHigher Latency – 30ms – 100ms
Reliability / UptimeStrong SLA – almost never fails, immediate telco repair responseNo SLA – best effort repairsNo SLA – best effort repairs
Ease of ConfigurationBest – zero telco equipment configurationBad – cable modems have multiple modes, require power cycles, lengthy negotiationWorst – login credentials required – PPPoE protocol at OSI Model Layer 4

The tradeoff is that fiber optic will cost more than the other classes of circuits. But if an Internet outage that could last for hours or days is something that your business operations cannot tolerate, then an enterprise class fiber optic Internet circuit is the only viable option.

Bitstream is a channel partner with all major telco providers of fiber optic Internet circuits, and we manage the entire process from end to end. At no charge, we will perform an analysis of your bandwidth requirements, prepare quotes and all paperwork, manage the provisioning process, and be there in person for circuit activation when it’s time for go-live.