Cloud Backups

Cloud Backups

BMCB - Bitstream Managed Cloud Backups

Bitstream Managed Cloud Backups continuously backup your most important files and folders to the cloud, protecting your business from multiple threats.

The Bitstream software agent runs on every computer we manage. One component of this software agent is our file and folder cloud backup module. This module is optional and can be activated on any managed computer at any time.

The cloud backup module monitors any combination of files and folders and uploads them to a secure storage repository on AWS S3 on a regular basis. We can adjust the backup schedule to accommodate your requirements.


Feature Description
Silent Running The backup agent is invisible to the end-user of the computer and will not cause a disruption to business workflows when active
Locked Configuration Settings The end-user of the computer cannot see or make any changes to the cloud backup selections or schedules
Configurable Schedule The customer may decide how many times a day the cloud backup schedule runs
Configurable Bandwidth Shaping Upstream bandwidth limits may be defined such that the Internet WAN is not overutilized 1
Bandwidth Efficient Incremental Uses incremental block-level backup technology, which copies only modified parts of the files
EFS Compatible Compatible with our dual layer drive encryption product – BMSD – Bitstream Managed Secure Drive
Encrypted In Transit And At Rest Encrypts data using AES-256 encryption in transit and at rest. Encryption keys are generated using FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Certified hardware security module clusters
Elegant Backup Resume If interrupted by reboot or shutdown, backup will resume uploading from the last file that was in transit

Threat Protection

  • * Physical theft
  • * Fire damage
  • * Water damage
  • * Hardware failure
  • * File system corruption
  • * Accidental deletion
  • * Malicious employee or vendor action


Pricing for Bitstream Managed Cloud Backups is simple

  • * Flat monthly fee per machine
  • * No data limits for all reasonable use
  • * No bandwidth limitations
  • * Add or remove machines at any time
Machine Type 2 Monthly Price
Workstation $12
Server $100