Bulk SMS



Enhanced Bulk SMS

Now it is easy to Promote your Business by sending millions of SMS within seconds. We customize the text along with the regional languages and schedule the perfect time to deliver the SMS.

SMS with attachments

It is now possible to send attachments like images, PDF, and excel sheets along with the SMS. We create a clickable link in the body of your text message and Your file will be securely hosted through our server.

SMS Data Metrics

    Whatever the attachments sent through the SMS can be tracked once the user clicks and open the link. It gives deep insights into your customer behavior like the customer location, devises used and at what time the link is opened. It gives a detailed report so that you can invest money in the product where the customer is interested.

Receive SMS

If the customer is interested in your products or services, he will reply back to the SMS. These SMS can be received by the combination of keywords, Short codes and long codes we provide for your business. We redirect those SMS to your inbox so that you can easily manage and respond in return.


We integrate our bulk SMS API to your software or on your website so that you can send or receive millions of SMS in a secure way within a minute. After integration the application trigger the HTTP API call with all the parameters like SMS Service URL, User Name, Password, Mobile Number and Message etc will be sent to SMS Gateway Server and from there it delivers the SMS to all the contacts we selected.

Send via All Media

(Emails,App etc,)

The reading of SMS rates increases by 98% than Email or social media. If your business is completely new, you can gain significant growth and improve customer satisfaction with sent and received from our bulk SMS portal and SMS API integrations. You can send SMS the way you prefer like Application, excel or Email integration.